We Might Know Who’s Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’


Let us preface this with a warning: In this post we plan to discuss spoilery things about The Walking Dead, so stop reading now if that will upset you. Thank you. Now then, as we told you earlier this month, TNT and Frank Darabont (the creator and former showrunner of The Walking Dead) are working on a new series called LA Noir that’s about the power struggle between the LAPD and the mob back in the ’40s. Apparently Darabont is courting Jon Bernthal (aka Shane from The Walking Dead) to play Joe Teague, the LA cop at the center of the period drama.

In theory, Bernthal could be planning to pull double duty, and juggle his roles on both shows. But maybe Darabont already knows something that the rest of us don’t. Remember that recent blind item about how a major character on The Walking Dead would be leaving the show this season? Well, Vulture sees this casting news as a pretty big indicator that the character in question is Shane — especially since he dies pretty early on in the comic books that the show is based on.

We’ll have to wait until the second half of the second season begins on February 12th to find out for sure, but what’s your gut feeling? Is Bernthal about to get the boot? More importantly, will any of you be sad to see him go?