The 10 “Shit _____ Say” Videos You Actually Need to Watch


Who’d have thought that something as dumb as a dude in awful drag would explode into the ridiculous internet-devouring genre of Youtube clips that’s come to be known as “Shit ___ Say” videos? Don’t worry — we’ve watched way too many of them and are as tired of all this “shit” as you are, but not all of the videos are completely without merit. Here are the ten you absolutely need to see before saying goodbye to this meme forever.

Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls

Chescaleigh may not have invented the Shit Girls Say phenomenon, but she vastly improved it by exploring stereotypes through the eyes of the people who have to deal with them.

Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys

Exactly how often do girls make their gay friends touch their boobs? According to Nick Foti of Soundlyawake, it’s a lot.

Shit Christians Say to Jews

Well, great. Now we really do want to know whether or not Dakota Fanning is Jewish. Thanks, Allison Pearlman and Phil VanSpronsen.

Shit White Girls Say to Arab Girls

Tamara Dhia and Rocco Rosanio take “Shit White Girls Say” in a different direction — one that involves a lot of Aladdin references and fake shooting.

Shit White Guys say to Asian Girls

The thing that really makes this video is the mustache that Cindy Fang of Grumpy Panda Films sports throughout.

Shit New Yorkers Say

Technically this video by Ilana and Eliot Glazer should probably be called “Shit 20-something Yuppie Manhattanites and NYU Students Say,” but you get the point.

Shit Tumblr Girls Say

This video from albinwonderland probably contains the most obscure references out of the ones we’ve chosen. Unless you are a Tumblr girl, of course, in which case you’re fjkfsahlsfgas-ing right now. (That’s a thing people on Tumblr do, we promise.)

Shit College Freshmen Say

Ralf of JustCallMeMrRight definitely hit the mark on this one. And then he accidentally spilled Natty Light on the mark and got it all sticky.

Shit Nobody Says

The title of this video by Tripp and Tyler might not be exactly accurate (there’s got to be someone out there who likes Nickelback, right?), but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Shit Homophobic People Say

We saved this one from Lambda Legal for last because it’s kind of a downer, what with all of these being actual quotes from pundits and politicians who bash gays and lesbians on a regular basis. Sigh.