Mind-Blowing Photos of Exploding Food


At the height of our holiday elation/frustration, we found our mixed feelings perfectly expressed in Alan Sailer’s incredible photos of exploding Christmas ornaments. Now, Designboom points us to yet another series of the photographer’s gorgeous detonations. Using a pellet gun and homemade camera equipment, Sailer documents all sorts of food being blown to pieces. See a chocolate bunny’s head cave in, Smarties burst into a beautiful, powdery pastel rainbow, and a lychee nut transform into a watery bomb after the jump; then visit Sailer’s Flickr site to check out a whole lot more of his work.

Alan Sailer, Not So Smarties

Alan Sailer, Las Tres Paletas

Alan Sailer, Funky Chocolate Lineup

Alan Sailer, Lychee Nut Detonation

Alan Sailer, Nuck Nuck Neccos

Alan Sailer, Squirt Ball

Alan Sailer, Dum-Dum Bunny

Alan Sailer, Poisoned Apple

Alan Sailer, Avocadolypse

Alan Sailer, Voyage to the Planet of Frozen Strawberries