Pic of the Day: Paris Is Not Impressed by Damien Hirst’s Spots


Flavorwire’s art editor Marina Galperina has already examined New York critics’ displeasure with Damien Hirst’s dotty takeover of 11 Gagosian galleries in eight countries, and as you can see, it turns out that at least one street artist in Paris is equally disenchanted by the idea. That said, the “lazy” artist is not without his ardent (and extremely motivated!) fans. As ANIMAL reported yesterday, three people have already managed to complete Hirst’s crazy challenge to visit each one of his world-spanning simultaneous exhibitions, thus earning their free limited-edition “spot” print. We’re hoping that they had a ton of frequent flyer miles to burn — if they didn’t before, they will now! [Photo credit: Laurence Billiet via Vandalog]