Is CBGB About to Reopen?


With owner Hilly Kristal dead and a freaking John Varvatos store taking up space in its original Bowery location, it seemed safe to say that New York’s most storied punk club, CBGB, was gone for good. But in the age of retromania, can any significant musical landmark ever go quietly into that endless, drunken night? Apparently not! Gothamist says, “We have it on good authority that the legendary venue is still alive in spirit, and angling to take over a new space in Manhattan.” It seems the club will be rebuilt out of pieces from the old CBGB, which are currently in storage. Of course, it’s worth wondering whether anything that doesn’t involve Kristal, 315 Bowery, or, you know, the ’70s can fairly call itself CBGB. We’re pretty ambivalent, and leaning towards “no.” So let’s talk about it in the comments, shall we?