The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Even though former Joy Division bassist Peter Hook took it to be “quite the compliment,” Disney has decided to stop selling its Unknown Pleasures-inspired Mickey Mouse t-shirt. According to a company rep, “As soon as we became aware there could be an issue, we pulled it from our shelves and our online store to review the situation further.” [via P4K]

2. Steven Spielberg is in serious talks to direct a new movie about Moses for Warner Bros that will hopefully remind you more of Braveheart than The Ten Commandments. Says an insider: “There have been glossy versions of the Moses story but this would be a real warrior story.” [via Deadline]

3. Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier who stole our hearts in The Artist, is apparently retiring. “He may do a couple of little things here and there because he enjoys them,” explains his owner, “but I don’t want to put him through long hours anymore. He’s getting tired.” [via Vulture]

4. “We have been working on this show for over a year and we wanted to partner with the right people. DJs are the new rock stars, it feels like the right time to make this show.” — Simon Cowell discusses his next reality project, which will see him partner with Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith’s production company.

5. Are we the only ones who think that NBC giving Rainn Wilson from The Office his own spin-off about life at Schrute Farms is a really horrible idea? Did this network learn nothing from its misguided decision to air Joey? [via EW]

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