Netflix Bounces Back After Year of Terrible Decisions


If you’re a Netflix user, like we are, you may have noticed a bit of a change in the service over the last month or so. That additional streaming content they promised in an attempt to justify their price hike seems to be filtering in, and we’re intrigued by the company’s forthcoming slate of original programming. Plus, we can finally admit that $7.99 a month is still a pretty small price to pay for unlimited movie-watching privileges. So maybe we’re done being mad at Netflix.

It looks like consumers may also be warming up to the service again. Reuters reports that Netflix has nearly doubled its stock price in the months since it hit an annual low in November. It’s also added over 600,000 new subscribers. As CinemaBlend points out, the company still isn’t entirely out of the woods — its competition, like Hulu, is still growing, and its contract with Starz ends next month. But as long as Arrested Development is still on tap for 2013, it’s safe to say we’ve got more love than hate for Netflix.