‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Premiere Trailer Is Dark and Crazy


The Walking Dead has never been what you might call lighthearted, but judging by the new trailer for its mid-season premiere, we’re in for one hell of a nihilist romp when the show returns February 12th. The clip opens with four gunshots and a violent car crash, and we see the body of a freshly shot zombie-Sophia being covered with a blanket. Now that the group’s one immediate source of hope — the idea that they might save the girl — is gone, all bets are off: Bloodthirsty zombies, random violence, and even perhaps the demise of Rick Grimes’ relentless optimism follow. Jeez. We keep threatening to stop watching The Walking Dead, but if it’s about to get darker than ever, we may not be able to quit.

[via Vulture]