WTF of the Day: This Homer Simpson-Shaped Glue Blob Costs More Than £150K


Oh my. While we usually strongly support rabid pop culture fandom around here, news of a blob of dried glue that kind of looks like Homer Simpson going up for auction on eBay — and that the bidding for said item is as high as £151K as of this writing — is just more than we can take. Come on people! We sincerely hope that this is some kind of hoax, a la the girl who had all of her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm.

“I’ve never actually sold anything on [eBay] before, so I thought I’d just stick it on for a bit of a joke to be honest,” says Christopher Herbert, the 36-year-old London man who came across the “collectible” item in a cupboard. “I didn’t think anyone would actually bid for an old bit of dried glue, even one that looks like Homer Simpson. I’m absolutely amazed and very very pleased and happy and wondering what to spend the money on.” We bet you are Chris. [via The Daily What]