Are You Participating in Today’s Anti-Censorship “Twitter Blackout”?


If you’ve been feeling a little lonely in the Twitter-verse this morning, it could be because of a protest against Twitter’s new international censorship policies organized by Anonymous Operations. The day-long event entails abstaining from Twitter to protest rules that would allow the company to censor tweets in specific countries — or more precisely, as the New York Times explained, “So if someone posts a message that insults the monarchy of Thailand, which is punishable by a jail term, it will be blocked and unavailable to Twitter users in that country, but still visible elsewhere. What is more, Twitter users in Thailand will be put on notice that something was removed: A gray box will show up in its place, with a clear note: “Tweet withheld,” it will read. “This tweet from @username has been withheld in: Thailand.” The outcry has been considerable, but we have to admit that we’re not seeing that much of a difference in the number of tweets today — so maybe we all like Twitter a little more than we’d care to admit, censorship or no. Are you participating in today’s blackout? Let us know in the comments!

[via Gawker]