Nerd Alert: We’ll Take Any Excuse to Say Tall Dwarfs Are Awesome


Chris Knox, founding member of seminal Kiwi outfit Tall Dwarfs, suffered a stroke last week. The New Zealand legend and Flying Nun mainstay is currently recuperating in Auckland. His band’s ’80s and early ’90s output has proven an inarguable influence on uber-credible rock oddities like Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Of Montreal and served as singular inspiration for a recent surge of lo-fi, no-fi, and shitgaze ensembles. His family has set up a blog and plans to issue updates on his status as they occur. For our part, we’ve been watching art-damaged, Beatles-worshiping Tall Dwarfs videos all afternoon (this stuff is insane!). For the un-faint of heart, our four faves after the jump.