Watch a Collection of Overhead Shots from Wes Anderson Films


Wes Anderson is one of those directors with an extremely distinctive visual style — so distinctive in fact, that plenty of people have pointed out that the trailer for his upcoming film Moonlight Kingdom plays like a borderline self-parody (not that we personally mind that one bit). Admittedly, the Anderson hallmarks are there, from the saturated primary colors to the weird characters to an almost holy reverence for all things twee in the detailed production design. But here’s something that we never noticed about the auteur’s fancy camerawork before: the man really has a thing for capturing images of his actors’ hands from above. Click through to watch a fantastic compilation of 46 of these overhead shots in 40 seconds by Vimeo user kogonada, the same guy who put together that artful montage of POV clips from Breaking Bad not too long ago.

[via The Culturist]