Paul Feig Is Plotting a ‘Freaks & Geeks’-Inspired Return TV


Given the overwhelming success of Bridesmaids (complete with rumblings of a sequel), we were wondering if the film’s director, Paul Feig — the creator of a short-lived little show that you might have heard of called Freaks and Geeks — would forsake the world of TV for good. While he has spent the last few years helming episodes of series like The Office, Nurse Jackie, and Arrested Development, it’s been way too long since we’ve seen him tackle one of his own projects on the small-screen. Which is why we’re so very excited by the following news.

“There is one TV series I want to do,” he recently revealed on the WTF With Marc Maron podcast. “It’s a very personal, it’s almost even more personal than Freaks & Geeks was but in that same tone. Taking my books, I have these two memoirs, Superstud and [Kick Me], using those, I really want to tell the real story. To me it’s a coming of age, coming of middle age story about both my dad and myself and going between the two. It’s a lot of funny/awkward episodes.” Um, yes please. [via The Playlist]