The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. Twitter trumps the mainstream media in its streaming coverage of the Iranian protests, in which 7 people were killed yesterday. (The service even postponed an important upgrade.) Also, read this. [via Brietbart]

2. After losing an advertiser and on the verge of a 2-year contract renewal, David Letterman apologized to Sarah Palin on his show last night — for reals this time. (video) [via The Live Feed]

3. James Murphy isn’t producing the new Devo album, but he’d like to work with them. So would Justice and Fatboy Slim. [via Pop & Hiss]

4. Next month Taschen will release Norman Mailer’s first posthumously published book, Moonfire. It will cost $1000, and comes with a signed photo of Buzz Aldrin. Twelve copies will also come with a chunk of the moon. [via Publishers Weekly]

5. Architect Richard Rogers, who was fired from the multibillion pound Chelsea Barracks project in London last week, wants an investigation into Prince Charles’ “unconstiutional” involvment. [via The Guardian]