You Can Buy One of Ally McBeal’s Absurdly Short Skirts!


This just arrived in our inbox. This is not a joke.

“Premiere Props, on behalf of David E. Kelley Productions, is holding a two-day public lot sale of thousands of high-end wardrobe and costumes from David E. Kelley Productions’ hit shows including ALLY MCBEAL, THE PRACTICE and BOSTON LEGAL…This sale will not only allow fans to own a piece of their favorite show but also give fashion enthusiasts the chance to buy high-end designer clothes and accessories at a great price. This is the first time ever David E. Kelley Productions is opening its doors to the public to buy wardrobe and costumes from its shows.”

Should we take this as a sign that LIFE ON MARS (our favorite new show this season) isn’t as lucrative as BARRY WHITE music and unisex bathrooms? Has Kelley lost his Dancing Baby magic?