Dave Grohl Is Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Comedy for FX


Those who are familiar with the Foo Fighters’ music video oeuvre (“Everlong”! “Low”!) realize that Dave Grohl is a very funny guy, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before he made his way into the comedy world. Deadline is reporting that the rocker is executive producing a half-hour sitcom for FX that will star creator Dana Gould as a member of “a rock band on the verge of mega-stardom who finds itself [sic] on the verge of breaking up and is forced to seek professional help in a last-ditch effort to stay together. Unfortunately, they end up with a misanthropic couple’s therapist from Agoura on the brink of divorce.” Is it just us, or does this sound a lot like the plot of instant-classic Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster? If it’s half as entertaining, we’re in.