The 7 Most Sexually-Invigorated Band Names of All Time


We asked you yesterday if sex sells in fashion. Inspired by the concept (and our general lack of maturity), we decided to change genres and pump out this list of the most sexual-invigorated band names ever. Creativity and wordplay took the top positions in this shakedown; subtlety did well, but humor and sheer vulgarity got us going a bit, too. Add any glaring omissions in the comments.

In descending order:

Cunninlynguists – These southern hip-hoppers are among the best in the game right now. Their flows are on point; their melodies are catchy; and their diction – well, let’s just say they’re cunning linguists. Major points for the double entendre.

Goblin Cock – Two things gobble in this world: turkeys, and my grandfather when eating said turkeys on Thanksgiving – these rockers add a third category. Bonus points for this message on their MySpace page: “GOBLIN COCK IS NOT A JOKE BAND, GODDAMMIT!!!”

Swollen Members – Straight out of our friendly neighbors to the north, this hip-hop duo delivers fresh lyrics with potent flow over dark, complex beats – they’re also great in the sack!

Flaming Lips – Love the music, hate the music, but do take necessary precautions to make sure this band’s moniker doesn’t become your nickname.

Jack Johnson – Okay, we know it’s his real name, but doesn’t that just make it that much worse? Never trust the quiet ones.

Morningwood – No subtlety here, just like the band’s sound. We likey.

Afternoon Penis – Guaranteed to raise eyebrows on a concert bill. It would be nice to pit Morningwood against Afternoon Penis in a battle of the bands.

Honorable Mentions:

• Bare Naked Ladies • Sex Pistols • Circle Jerks • Rub-n-tug