‘Party Down’ Fans May Want to Watch ‘Parks and Rec’ Tonight


What do Starz’s Party Down and NBC’s Parks and Recreation have in common? Let’s see: Hilarious casts, disappointing ratings, obsessive fans… and one Adam Scott, who recently tweeted, “For those of you fond of Party Down, there is a nice surprise on Parks and Rec tonight…” Since we’re crazy for both shows, we’ll probably spend the rest of the afternoon wondering what’s in store. Will the Party Down staff cater a Leslie Knope campaign event? And if so, will we see both of Scott’s true TV loves — Lizzy Caplan and Amy Poehler — in the same room? Will the surprise involve Party Down co-star Megan Mullally, who has a recurring Parks and Rec role as Tammy II? Dare we even dream of seeing Jane Lynch as Constance Carmell?! We know we can’t be the only ones taking wild guesses, so add your own theories in the comments, superfans. [via TV Hangover]