5 Headlines from the Last 24 Hours That Shouldn’t Be Funny But Are


1. “Florida campers charged with forcing 12-year-old boy to drink urine” [via SM] Why this ISN’T funny: They made him drink piss! Ew!!!! Why this IS funny: It was because he used a racial slur. Drink up, buttercup.

2. “Woman Confessed to Killing 3 Newborns; Husband Was Unaware of Pregnancies” [via WP] Why this ISN’T funny: Three babies. Dead and unnoticed. Why this IS funny: “Honey, you’ve really put on weight lately, it’s so weird that we keep having unprotected sex and you never, ever get pregnant!”

3. “British Airways asks staff to work for free” [via Times] Why this ISN’T funny: British Airways has stooped to new economic lows. Why this IS funny: “Hahahaha…NO. I’m going to Chuck E. Cheese. Peace.”

4. “Sarah Palin accepts David Letterman’s apology” [via BB] Why this ISN’T funny: Letterman claimed Sarah Palin’s daughter was impregnated by Alex Rodriguez. Why this IS funny: Sarah Palin still looks like a “slutty flight attendant.” Oh yeah, and Letterman’s joke is still funny.

5. “California gasoline price passes $3 mark again” [via SFG] Why this ISN’T funny: Rising gas prices. Why this IS funny: Nothing. This sucks. Boo!