Magnificent Musician-Inspired Nail Art


We’re not sure exactly what’s behind the recent nail art explosion, but as long as it continues to produce amazing pop-culture tributes on a tiny, personal scale, it has our attention. Last week, we brought you the blood-flecked fingertips of a Dexter groupie and some Arrested Development Mr. Banana Grabber press-ons in our roundup of amazing TV-inspired nails. Before that, we went highbrow with literary nail art paying tribute to everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Harry Potter. Now, nail art superfans, are you ready to rock ‘n’ roll? Today’s haul of musician-inspired nail art includes a dazzling riff on David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, a set of crazy Nicki Minaj claws, and even a perfectly executed Daniel Johnston manicure.

Joy Division [via]

David Bowie [via]

Weezer [via]

Lady Gaga [via]

Velvet Underground [via]

Michael Jackson [via]

Daniel Johnston [via]

Nicki Minaj [via]

Rolling Stones [via]

Jay-Z and Beyoncé [via]

The Beatles [via]

J Dilla [via]

Nirvana [via]

Elvis [via]

Amy Winehouse [via]

Kanye West [via]

Led Zeppelin [via]

Wu-Tang Clan [via]

SBTRKT [via]

Ke$ha [via]