10 Super Bowl Foods That We Forbid You to Eat


According to the USDA, the Super Bowl is second only to Thanksgiving when it comes to the average amount of calories Americans consume in one day. And we can’t blame it all on the beer — beloved game-day snacks snacks like pigs in a blanket, buffalo wings, and jalapeno poppers also play their part. But seriously, those unhealthy eats seem tame when compared to some of the stuff that we found floating around the Internet, things like cheese-filled mugs made from bacon and deep-fried cheeseburgers. Click through and peruse these banned foods at your own risk.

Totchos — aka, nachos that were made using tater tots instead of chips. [via]

Yes, this is a mug that’s made out of bacon that’s filled with melted cheddar cheese. If you’re more of a martini guy, there’s also this option. [via]

This is something that you can actually order from Domino’s. [via]

What exactly is a deviled corn dog, you might wonder? Apparently you take a regular corn dog, puree it with cheese, mayonnaise, and tater tots, then re-bake the mixture inside of a corn dog shell. Meta. [via]

Sushi is normally pretty good for you — you know, when it’s not secretly a Philly cheese steak. [via]

We’re not exactly sure why this is called ‘The Dr. Phil,’ but we do know that it involves a double-wrapped Chipotle burrito, a slice of cheese pizza, corn chips, curly fries, jalapeno bites, guacamole, and some sticks of Pocky. [via]

All we know is that these are called “Velveeta Fudge Squares,” and they sprang from the mind of Paula Deen. [via]

How do you make Totino’s Pizza Rolls even more unhealthy for you? You wrap them in some bacon. [via]

What you’re looking at above is a large pepperoni pizza stuffed stuffed with ground beef, sauteed onions, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese. It’s Approximate weight? Three pounds. [via]

How does one improve a White Castle cheeseburger? Perhaps by deep frying it? [via]