Does Honda Have the Rights to Use ‘Ferris’?


If you’re like us, then you’ve probably been curious if and how Honda managed to get the rights to use one of pop culture’s most beloved characters in its much-discussed (including by us!) Super Bowl ad. As Brooks Barnes at Media Decoder points out, while the plot of the spot closely mirrors that of the 1986 comedy, and even includes a few of Ferris Bueller’s signature lines, it “seems intended as a parody, which would seemingly allow Honda to avoid paying a usage fee to Paramount.”

Oddly enough both RPA, Honda’s ad agency, and Paramount are refusing to comment on the matter, but according to an anonymous studio executive, the company did in fact license the concept to the carmaker. Which leaves us with even more questions! How much do you think Ferris Bueller was worth? Do you think that this means there’s a possibility that we’ll be seeing a followup? If so, do you think there’s any chance that the guy who played Cameron Frye is available? We always found him so much more relatable. [via Pop Culture Brain]