Watch Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore in ‘The Death and Return of Superman’


Screenwriter Max Landis, son of famous director John Landis, had his first film, Chronicle, hit theaters yesterday. To coincide with that momentous event, Landis also chose that day to release his much-anticipated short film entitled The Death and Return of Superman (a mildly-clever marketing move, we admit). Described as a “somewhat-mostly-accurate educational parody film,” with nods to the “drunk history” short film trend, the film features Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Simon Pegg, Ron Howard, Chris Hardwick and more, and is an irreverent, sometimes hilarious, sometimes obnoxious look at DC Comics’ decision to kill and then resurrect Superman in 1992. Click through to watch the video, and let us know if it makes you more or less likely to go see Chronicle in the comments.

[via /Film]