The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Channing Tatum


Saturday Night Live returned last night with a spotty show hosted by fighting/dancing actor and ex-stripper Channing Tatum, and featuring a musical performance by Bon Iver. We didn’t expect much out of Tatum — we think it’s safe to say he gets hired for his looks, not his subtle acting or comedic brilliance — but he managed to make us laugh more than once, and approached the whole show in a good-natured, charming way. Also, his Matthew McConaughey impression is spot-on. Who knew? Click through to watch clips of the best and worst skits from last night’s SNL, and let us know if we missed (or hated on) your favorite in the comments.

The Best:

Sci-Fi Cold Open

Obviously, we’re also interested in this topic. Yes, Newt is nuts, but the real winner in this skit is horndog Herman Cain. And the robot who thinks Mitt is his daddy. Predictable maybe, but satisfying nonetheless.

Channing Tatum’s Monologue

We knew he was a stripper, but we didn’t know this show was going to be all about his torso. Are we upset? Not that much. Still, the whole monologue was kind of made by Andy Samberg at the end, making fun of the whole thing and clinching it in one goofy soundbite.

Go-Tech Flex (With Thumbpulse)

This sketch is all about Tatum acting like a total bimbo, which is fine and rather pleasant. It’s quick and, unlike Wiig on the Go-Tech Flex, pushes all the right buttons. The joke doesn’t overstay its welcome, but rather just gets more and more weird and about Tatum’s shorts. Not too shabby.

Note: The best sketch of the night, “Downton Abbey on Spike,” is sadly not available online. If you can get your hands on it, we highly recommend.

The Worst:

The Secret Word

Sigh. When will they stop doing these? True, Channing Tatum is funnier than most, but the whole changed-astronaut thing is completely random and almost aggressively off-topic, and Wiig’s character never changes. At least it was short.

NBC Football Promo

It was an okay joke, but like so many skits on SNL, they just made it over and over again for three minutes, and at the end they were drunk. Snooze.

Tom Brady and Janet

Ugly woman seduces Tom Brady? Pass.


Weekend Update: Lana Del Rey

SNL addressed all the Lana Del Rey backlash by bringing a very convincing Kristen Wiig on as the pop singer. They make some good points — it’s not like SNL is hallowed ground for musicians and she probably didn’t deserve all the crap she got. Plus it’s not nice to make fun of the weird girl.