Video of the Day: Justin Bieber Will Make You Feel Really Old


Before you watch this, some back story: Justin Bieber is Usher’s 15-year-old protege and looks like he weighs about 60 pounds wet. He’s Canadian, and he got his big break in a local talent competition called Stratford Idol. Then he started promoting himself on YouTube and got a manager. Usher beat Justin Timberlake out for the chance to sign him because his deal was “way better” and he had L.A. Reid in his corner.

“One Time” is the first single off of his album, My World; it is about “puppy love” and involves a wild house party full of tweens (except for the woman who walks in at 1:05…she looks about 30) and some silly string. Watching it made us feel ancient. There’s so much texting (possibly sexting) going on that we’ve got sympathy carpal tunnel. Also: We’re confused about why Urrsher isn’t more mad that “J.B.” has turned his house into the Neverland Ranch…

[via NY Mag]