Watch St. Vincent’s Provocative “Cheerleader” Music Video


In a year full of amazing albums — and specifically amazing albums by female artists — we somehow didn’t fully absorb St. Vincent’s inventive, subversive, and beautiful Strange Mercy until recently. It struck us as strange that in this time when practically every day brings another Internet controversy over one female artist or another, the obviously feminist themes of this excellent album have gone unmentioned. Hopefully this video, in which those motifs are on full display (no pun intended), will stir up that discussion. Though it was probably filmed awhile ago, the video’s exploration of how being made the object of constant scrutiny can destroy you feels particularly relevant after weeks of arguing over the minute details of a certain woman’s self-presentation. St. Vincent is an artist who transcends what society thinks of her appearance to constantly challenge their listeners — and we’re hoping she’ll keep up the good work.