Matt Cowan’s Clever Pop-Culture Math Equations


If being a fan of Star Wars and comic books alone isn’t nerdy enough for you, then you’ll be happy to know that Scottish illustrator Matt Cowan has put together a series of mathematical equations that explain the origins of some of your favorite pop-culture characters, from Darth Vader to Captain Jack Sparrow. Check them out after the jump, and be sure to take a look at Cowan’s T-shirt store if you have a powerful urge to put one of these cool designs on your body.

Matt Cowan, X-Men Mathematics [Spotted via Whatanart]

Matt Cowan, Star Wars Baddies Maths

Matt Cowan, Fantastic Four Mathematics

Matt Cowan, Magneto Maths

Matt Cowan, Blind Maths

Matt Cowan, Johnny Depp Maths

Matt Cowan, Zombie Maths

Matt Cowan, Star Wars Goodies Maths

Matt Cowan, Superhero Mathematics

Matt Cowan, Batman Villain Mathematics