Essential Tumblrs for Film Fans


Evolving from a small, experimental community into a widely used network with some of the best content on the web, Tumblr has quickly proven its worth. For the film lover, there is a vast array of high quality content ranging from behind the scenes thoughts on the moviemaking process, to cinematic art and gorgeous film stills, and creatively curated takes on favorite celluloid moments. We’ve compiled a list of a few essential Tumblrs that cineastes should thoroughly enjoy. See what insightful, inspiring, and fun blogs we’ve shared after the jump, and tell us about your favorite Tumblrs below.

The Criterion Collection

You’ve already picked up copies of Branded to Kill , Belle de Jour , Godzilla , and La Jetée/Sans Soleil on Blu-ray — prioritizing Criterion’s new releases ahead of your student loans and possibly your rent — so you should probably be following the much-loved distribution company’s brand new Tumblr. Related Tumblrs for Criterion junkies worth your time: Criterion Corner, CriterionCast, and Fake Criterions.

Philip Bloom

Cinematographer Philip Bloom — who recently worked on George Lucas’ pilot drama Red Tails — offers some insight into the filmmaking process, shares tons of camera/tech porn, and random enjoyable stuff. A nice source of info and inspiration for would-be filmmakers.


Moviebarcode takes every frame in a film, compresses it into a barcode-type image, and wows you with a unique way to view that movie’s color palette. Midnight in Paris — pictured above — glows.

The Private Files

The “interests, curiosities, obsessions and procrastinations” of Filmmaker Magazine editor in chief Scott Macaulay.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Not exclusively a film Tumblr, but one that features a bevy of cinematic faces. Who can resist David Lynch and Russell Brand doing a little impromptu Transcendental Meditation? (Ok, maybe they’re just napping … )

Keith Calder

Producer Keith Calder (The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) knows exactly who his audience is: ” … The young, eager person who loves film and is avidly trying to absorb as much knowledge and experience as possible. I hope I can help share some insight, and help people realize that everyone in this industry is still trying to learn how to make a good movie.” It’s a refreshingly honest Tumblr that shares thoughts on productivity, movies (duh), film-related book lists, and assorted geekery.

If We Don’t, Remember Me

If you haven’t found the hypnotizing If We Don’t, Remember Me by now, you’ve been missing out. The site is a beautiful gallery of “living movie stills” — presenting frames (in a blissfully minimal setting) that slowly and gracefully animate. Some are so subtle, it’s like taking a breath — sometimes literally.


Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is already on Tumblr sharing thoughts about filmmaking (and other fun stuff) in relation to his open collaborative production company hitRECord. Since he’ll be making his directorial debut soon with a sexy comedy starring Scarlett Johansson — and he’s bound to share the journey — his blog is one to watch.

les films du losange

Prestigious independent production and distributing company — and New Wave cinema guru — Les Films du losange (founded in 1962) curates a nice scrapbook of international art house cinema gems. Recent entires include snapshots of The Seventh Continent, Alice in the Cities, and Persona.

Look at the Camera

Favorite breaking the fourth wall moments.

The Final Image

Spoiler alert! (Not really.) Never say goodbye at The Final Image, which shares poetic parting moments from an assortment of films. There’s some scoop over here on the process of selection.

Old Hollywood

We’ve been fans of Old Hollywood for some time now, where soundtrack clips, dramatic images, interview quotes, publicity shots, and other rare photographs are dreamily presented.

Movie Poster of the Day

Mubi’s Notebook blog has a great Movie Poster of the Week column, but if you can’t wait that long, check out the equally eye candy-lish Movie Poster of the Day Tumblr (curated by the same folks).