SRSLY!? Apparently Naked Lindsay Lohan Photos Are Positive PR


While we’re hesitant to give her any credit for her general acumen (or her acting), we have to begrudgingly admit that LiLo may have just stumbled onto one of the most ingenious PR strategies ever imagined. In the wake of an increasingly saccharine scandal involving her proximity to the theft of 440K in jewels, the oft-distressed actress did what all of us would do: she released a topless photo on Twitter.

Never has an attempt to change the story been so brazen, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. The photo is “topless” but her extensions are arranged in a way that makes it fit to print (it’s already everywhere and you now have to dig deep to find anything else). Annoying, but effective, so, in the spirit of other incredulous endeavors, we hereby bestow LiLo with our first ever SRSLY!? Certificate. After the jump, the somehow SFW photo.