A Collection of TV-Inspired Valentines


Over the weekend our own Emily Temple posted an adorable set of Downton Abbey Valentine’s Day cards by freelance cartoonist by Chad Thomas. Curious to find out what other popular shows had inspired similar homages, we decided to do a little digging; after the jump, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites of the bunch for your general amusement and/or printable pleasure. TV-loving procrastinators, consider this our Valentine’s Day gift to you!

Breaking Bad Valentines by Butthorn. [via]

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Valentines by Corinne Mock. [via]

Game of Thrones Valentines by Chris Bishop. [via]

Golden Girls Valentines by Joey deVilla. [via]

Parks and Rec, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones Valentines by Caldwell Tanner. [via]

Community Valentines by @jujujulieta. [via]

The Walking Dead Valentines by someecards. [via]

The Office Valentines by Alexandria Neonakis. [via]