A New iPhone App Lets You Control Your Dreams


We’ve all wished at one time or another that we could control our dreams, and maybe even tried — either The Sweetest Fig-style or by some serious lucid dreaming practice. But don’t worry, no more mental fatigue is required, because like everything else that requires brainpower, now you can get your phone to do it for you. While it won’t let you program your night adventures down to the last detail, the Japanese iPhone app Yumemiru will detect when you hit REM sleep and then play a soundtrack for the type of dream that you’ve preselected — right now the options include “walking through a forest, visiting the beach, flying, becoming rich, and even romances specified for both men and women.” The soundtrack might be music, sound effects, or voices meant to influence and direct your dream, which to us sounds slightly dubious, not to mention creepy. Wake us when Inception is possible.

[via Gawker]