Adorable Downton Abbey Valentine’s Day Cards


Just in case, after our roundup of incredibly adorable paper and ink Valentine’s day cards and our list of quirky V-day ideas for pop-culture geeks, you’re still not set for your TV-loving honey on this sappiest of holidays, here’s one last swell idea: these cute-as-a-button (and downloadable!) Downton Abbey Valentine’s day cards by Chad Thomas. The freelance cartoonist came up with these as a Valentine’s day gift after he and his wife (like every other sane person in the natural world) went crazy for the show. As far as we’re concerned, the only thing missing is a certain pursed-lip dame, but for now, we’ll allow it. Click through to see the clever cards, and then be sure to head over to Thomas’s website to check out even more of his work!

[via kottke]