Famous Artists Photographed with their Dogs


We recently read an article in The New York Times examining the prevalence of dogs in art throughout the ages, and we got to thinking — we know there are tons of musicians who love dogs (though writers, it seems, tend to be cat people), but what about the more visually-oriented artists? Since, as the Times points out, dogs have been popping up in art for hundreds of years, we thought it was safe to assume that there are at least a few artists who are fans of the friendly beasts. After all, there’s something very inspirational — and also very down to earth and universal — about the love of a good pup, and as it turns out, lots of artists have indeed incorporated canines into their lives as well as their art. And, this is rather strange, but there seem to be an inordinate number of dachshunds in the arms of artists. If you can figure out why, let us know. In the meantime, click through to see our gallery of famous artists photographed with their dogs, and let us know if we missed a great photo of your favorite artist with their furry friend in the comments!

David Hockney with his two dachshunds, Stanley and Boodgie. [via]

Jackson Pollock with Gyp and Ahab. [via]

Pablo Picasso and his dog Lump. [via]

Andy Warhol and Archie (or Amos). [via]

Frida Kahlo and her Xoloitzcuintli dogs. [via]

Norman Rockwell with his wife Mary and their dog. [via]

Georgia O’Keeffe and her Chow. Photo by John Loengard. [via]

René and Georgette Magritte with their dog (after the war). Photo by Lothar Wolleh. [via]

William Wegman and one of his many famous pooches. Photo by Tim Mantoani. [via]

Emily Carr with her dog Billie. [via]