Awesome Cupcakes Inspired By Comics


Cupcakes aren’t just cutesy treats for girlie girls like Zooey Deschanel’s character from New Girl — they also make the perfect canvases for some awesome (and often decidedly geeky) comic-related pop art, featuring everything from superheroes to graphic novels, and even Sunday morning newspaper comics. Plus, they always look so delicious! We’ve scoured the Internet to show you some of the best comic cupcakes out there, so click through to check them out — if, like us, you’ve been quietly suffering from a massive post-Valentine’s sugar hangover all day, these sweet treats might be just the hair of the dog that you’ve been craving!

Batman [via]

Sandman [via]

Watchmen [via]

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World [via]

The Walking Dead [via]

The Avengers [via]

Garfield [via]

Superman [via]

Archie Comics [via]

The Adventures of Tin-Tin [via]

V for Vendetta [via]

Wonder Woman [via]

Spider-man [via]

Girl Genius [via]

Iron Man [via]