SRSLY!? You Thought You Could Pass $135 Billion in Fake Bonds?


Proof positive the Bond-style intrigue actually exists, a pair of Japanese travelers are being held in Italy after attempting to sneak $135 billion in US Bonds into Switzerland. Amidst wide conjecture and conspiratorial patter over the source of the certificates, word came today that they were in fact forgeries. Ummm, duh?

But what tipped authorities off? According to US officials, the securities certificates were pretty poor forgeries, and the bearer bonds were allegedly from 1934, a time when $500 million certificates didn’t even exist. Really guys? You thought you could pass $135 billion in securities when only about $100 billion in non-electronic certificates even exist? Well done.

In the wake of our LiLo tongue-lashing, we hereby bestow our second SRSLY certificate. Our homage to you, the biggest-balled idiots around, after the jump…