Awesome Movie-Inspired Nail Art


Okay, okay, so we’ve gotten a little bit obsessed with the whole pop-culture nail art trend in the past few weeks. We’ve run through our nail polish remover stores and our trash cans are filled with Q-tips from attempting pretty tributes to our favorite books, TV shows, and musicians. But that won’t stop us from rounding out our extensive collection with a roundup of nail art odes to what’s arguably the most popular form of entertainment of all — the silver screen. Though the fangirl nail artists out there seem to prefer comedies and animated flicks to interpreting Casablanca on their digits, we still think some of these manis are destined to be classics. Take the big screen to the tiny screen (that’s right, your pinky finger) with some of our favorite film-inspired nail art after the jump.

Napoleon Dynamite [via]

The Lion King [via]

Ghostbusters [via]

Up [via]

500 Days of Summer [via]

Finding Nemo [via]

Jaws [via]

Little Shop of Horrors [via]

V for Vendetta [via]

WALL-E [via]

Madagascar [via]

The Nightmare Before Christmas [via]

Various Hayao Miyazaki films [via]

Monsters, Inc. [via]

Star Wars [via]

The Little Mermaid [via]

Aladdin [via]