Protect Yourself with Strange British Anti-Crime Devices from the ’50s and ’60s


Forget locking your iPhone or carrying your wallet on a chain — here’s now you really stick it to any wanna-be muggers that cross your path. A group of UK scientists in the late ’50s and early ’60s came up with several ingenious (and completely bizarre) anti-crime inventions, like a bowler hat that doubles as a helmet, or a briefcase that, when stolen, crushes the hand of the thief and sprouts three enormous metal legs to foil the getaway. Well, we can’t lie — that would definitely work on the subway. UK-based media company British Pathé has archived vintage videos explaining the proper usage of these inventions, so watch one of our favorite tactics for “beating the bandit” below, and then head over to their website for even more.

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[via Core 77]