‘Greatest Women in Music’ Picks VH1 Will Surely Come to Regret


As you may have noticed, we do a lot of a list-making here at Flavorpill. So we’re particularly sensitive to the idea that anything purporting to be a definitive countdown of the 100 Greatest Women in Music had better be pretty freaking solid. Now, VH1 has already narrowed the field somewhat for this five-part series, specifying that it will only celebrate acts that have made significant contributions in the past 20 years. In a way, that’s good news — we won’t have to freak out about Katy Perry outranking Janis Joplin. But that doesn’t mean the network has managed to entirely steer clear of choices that are somewhat embarrassing now and will undoubtedly be utterly humiliating in a decade or so. After the jump, we round up their silliest selections and most questionable rankings.

VH1’s most embarrassing “Greatest Women in Music” picks

100. Pussycat Dolls 99. Demi Lovato 57. Ke$ha (“greater” than #78 Kim Gordon and #75 Kim Deal?) 32. Fantasia (“greater” than #50 Lauryn Hill and #38 Salt N Pepa?) 27. Fergie (“greater” than #29 Björk and #34 Queen Latifah?) 17. Katy Perry (“greater” than #18 Missy Elliott and #22 Annie Lennox?) 16. Jennifer Lopez (“greater” than #26 Amy Winehouse and #20 Rihanna?) 2. Mariah Carey (really beats her rival, #6 Whitney Houston?)