‘The Wizard of Auschwitz’ and Other Stanley Kubrick Films That Never Got Made


Stanley Kubrick has a reputation for being an exacting, somewhat obsessive perfectionist. But — as films like Dr. Strangelove and even A Clockwork Orange prove — he also had a pretty sharp sense of humor. Lists of Note has dug into his former assistant Tony Frewin’s book, The Stanley Kubrick Archives, and shared some hilarious excerpts from Kubrick and Frewin’s jokey running list of “Titles in search of a script.” See 25 funny ideas that — probably thankfully — never got made after the jump, and visit Lists of Note to read Frewin’s descriptions of them.

I Married and Armenian If Only the Führer Knew! Hot Sheets Leg Candy Leg Magic Feel Tight Partition Magic Only Ministers of the Third Reich May Use Green Ink Coffin Not Included Dr. Strange-Glove Osmiroid and Oblivion Other Barrels, Other Nibs Twig the Enhancer Nightclubs, Morgues, Hospitals In the Penile Colony One Bag, One Notebook The Wizard of Auschwitz Auschwitz and Me! Sharp Shadow on the Wall The Two Wallys Sight Gags for Perverts Some Like It Cold Jack the Sniffer Speaking Alarms Kira the Karaoke Girl