Quote of the Day: Don Draper’s California Dreaming

I can’t tell you if we’re going to go to California in Season Three, but as a show, we’re following how the Sixties were about the rise of Los Angeles and the decline of New York. People talk about San Francisco but it was really Los Angeles, and I wanted to show that. In 1960, New York is the center of everything, and by 1975 New York is bankrupt and by 1977 it’s the most dangerous place in the United States. In Los Angeles, there were the Watts riots and obviously a lot of economic turmoil there, but at the same time, every cultural aspect that dominated the United States in the Sixties was coming from there, whether it was hot rods or roller disco. Also, I always want the audience to be worried that I’m going to pick up and move the show somewhere. Because, you know, I might.

– Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men, dishes about the new season in a Rolling Stone interview. He’s pretty tight-lipped, but truly mad fans will find plenty of fodder for speculation about, among other things: why season three is all about change, the significance of Don’s silhouette, and the coming British Invasion.