OMG, They Released FIVE New Harry Potter Posters!!!


OK, it’s honesty time everyone: between recording Filipino cover bands, taking DJ lessons from the best in the biz, courting evil leather-jacket lovers, and arguing the finer points of politics, I’ve been known to roll with a wily band of teenage wizards. Come on man, Harry Potter fans can be credible (The Beard is really just what happens when I drink Polyjuice Potion). And it’s not like I know where to find Snape slash fiction [NSFW] or anything.

What I do know is that Warner Brother’s decision to bump the Half-Blood Prince to summer was an abomination (it was ready in October!). Of course, now that it’s coming close (27 days!), I can’t help but be excited. After the jump, a big win for Potter fans: five recently released movie posters (three of which elude to the sexual tension undoubtedly fueling the film).