Dear Costume Department: ‘The Hunger Games’


Editor’s note: Welcome to Dear Costume Department, a bi-weekly feature brought to you by our fashion-minded friends from Of a Kind, a curated shopping site of limited-edition goods by emerging designers. With each installment, they’ll bring you a head-to-toe look inspired by a buzzed-about pop culture personality — complete with info on where to grab the pieces for your own closet. Enjoy!

As we gear up for the theatrical release of what’s aiming to be the YA fix for our post-Harry Potter era, we ask ourselves: What’s the Capital going to look like? Will I be able to get opening-night tickets? Is Lenny Kravitz really in this thing? And what is Katniss going to wear? It’s that last question that we attempt to answer here.

This Lindsey Thornburg dress is very girl-on-fire — and would make Peeta’s heart beat even faster.

With their exaggerated shape, these Charlotte Olympia pumps are exactly the kind of heels that would be in Cinna’s arsenal.

These earrings — by Conroy & Wilcox — might make their appearance at a televised interview with Caesar Flickerman. #riprue

From Nicole Richie’s better-than-it-should-be accessories line House of Harlow 1960, this ring pays homage to Katniss’s weapon of choice.

A wool-and-leather sweater by Good Night, Day would come in handy for those cold nights huddled up in the cave — a gift from a fan in District 11, perhaps?

Incognito hunting missions with Gale call for a dark hooded jacket like this one from Charlotte Ronson.