Awesome Infographic: The Magnificent Map of Rap


Are you a hip-hop fan who keeps mixing up Blaq Poet and Blaqthoven? Do you, perhaps, keep forgetting to take the “o” out of “Yung Joc,” and have you been surprised to discover that Young Jeezy and Young Beezy really are two separate people? Have you ever taken the time to analyze why so many rappers define themselves by “physical or metaphysical characteristics”? If so, then perhaps Pop Chart Lab’s massive Magnificent Map of Rap deserves a place on your wall. The elegant poster creates a constellation of 636 hip-hop names, connecting rappers who profess to be “insane” with those who have worked “distasteful qualities” into their pseudonyms, and so on. See the entire map here, where you can also buy a satisfyingly affordable print.