The Best of Courtney Love’s Recently Discovered YouTube Channel


A few days ago, the ladies at Bust made a discovery for which we are very grateful: Courtney Love’s apparently legit YouTube channel, complete with authentically all-over-the-place commentary by the Hole frontwoman herself. Divided into such categories as “freak assed shit,” “kook girls,” “special meanings to me,” “my stuff kurt frances…,” and even “u2 and covers,” it — like her Etsy profile — serves as a suitably bizarre tour through Love’s preoccupations, from her love of Patti Smith to her hatred of Chelsea Handler. Even for those who can’t stand her, there’s a lot of fascinating, trashy-brilliant stuff in there. We’ve sifted through it and compiled the best clips we hadn’t seen before, after the jump.

David Bowie and Marianne Faithfull — “I Got You, Babe”

Aside from the delight of learning that this actually happened back in the ’70s, this video is notable for Faithfull’s wonderful nun outfit — we can’t imagine Ziggy Stardust was used to getting upstaged in the costume department.

Hole in Huntington Beach, 1989

Some fascinating, attractively grainy footage of an early incarnation of the band a few years before their first album came out. The amazing thing about this video is that Courtney isn’t even the weirdest (or drunkest) person in it.

Cher salutes the ’60s

Actually, we’re going to defer to Courtney’s caption on this one: “FUCKING CHER AWESOME.”

Dead Marilyn and Tallulah Bankhead on Electric City TV

In this fantastic clip from the late-’80s San Francisco public access show Electric City TV, a drag queen who plays Dead Tallulah Bankhead interviews a drag queen who plays Dead Marilyn Monroe. Riveting.

Afghan Whigs cover Hole’s “Miss World”

How did we ever, ever miss this? Essential listening.