Thomas Jackson’s Crazy, Colorful Swarms


Inspired by natural phenomena like swarming locusts and flocking birds, the eye-catching images in Thomas Jackson’s ongoing series Emergent Behavior appear to be the result of magical, gravity-defying forces. In reality, the brightly-colored plastic cups and cheese balls that make up his “hovering sculptures” are all part of the Brooklyn-based artist’s extremely crafty plan to change the way the viewer experiences their surroundings.

“These images attempt to tap into the fear and fascination that those phenomena tend to evoke, while creating an uneasy interplay between the natural and the manufactured and the real and the imaginary,” Jackson explains. “At the same time, each image is an experiment in juxtaposition. By constructing the pieces from unexpected materials and placing them in environment where they seem least to belong, I aim to tweak the margins of our visual vocabulary, and to invite fresh interpretations of everyday things.” Click through to peep the results, and if you’re impressed, be sure to check out Jackson’s fantastic book of robots.

Cups. Photo credit: Thomas Jackson

Cheese balls. Photo credit: Thomas Jackson

Broken pallet. Photo credit: Thomas Jackson

Leaves #1. Photo credit: Thomas Jackson

Assorted foliage. Photo credit: Thomas Jackson

Leaves #2. Photo credit: Thomas Jackson

Yarn #1. Photo credit: Thomas Jackson

[via The Fox Is Black]