Watch the Stereotype-Laden Trailer for Oxygen’s ‘Brooklyn 11223’


Brooklyn 11223, Oxygen’s attempt at capturing some of that Jersey Shore ratings magic, focuses on a ground of 20-something pals hailing from Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge community (“a hard, full-blooded Italian neighborhood,” we’re reminded), as they “spend the summer learning about themselves, friendship, and the price of betrayal.” Some things that you will see in the trailer: the Wonder Wheel; hair pulling; a piping hot pizza; tennis shoes on a power line; an in-progress tattoo ; the Verrazano Bridge; people walking with their “swag on”; a chick in a Giants jersey riding a coin-operated kiddie ride; the Statue of Liberty; people in bathing suits; lots of hoop earrings; streetscapes; a woman with an inexplicably large feather in her hair; people texting; some embarrassing childhood photos; an inflatable pool; and the word ‘BETRAYAL’.

Does this new series look like it will provide us with as much guilty viewing pleasure as shows like Mob Wives or The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Probably not, but considering that this is the same network that unleashed Bad Girls Club on the world, who knows. Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Update: A publicist for Oxygen emailed us the following response to our post from the network: “Viewers can decide for themselves on March 26 when the story of Brooklyn 11223 begins to unfold and we meet this authentic group of friends set against the vibrant backdrop of the great and diverse Borough of Brooklyn.”

[via THR]