SRSLY!? PETA Is Freaking Out Over A Fly?


Don’t get me wrong, we’re all about sustainable farming and ending cruelty toward living creatures (our Senior editor is a level-9 animal activist), but going after Obama over flicking a fly simply absurd. During a Wednesday interview with CNBC, the President sounded to a pesky buzz-by with cat-like reflexes. PETA’s beef? They’ve termed it an “execution” and intimated that Obama should have used a trap that allows a fly to be caught and then set outside (they took the further step of sending the contraption to the White House).

Why not stick to more accessible arguments? By getting publicly up in arms about something with which almost no one sympathizes (and taking the further step of sending out a bizarre, silly-sounding trap), PETA has made itself out to be a fringe group with outrageous ideas (which, for the record, it isn’t). SRSLY guys, learn to pick your battles. Otherwise, you’ll keep winning our increasingly incredulous award. After the jump, our reminder of why flies are not awesome.