‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Teaser Is All About the Betty


AMC is looking past Betty Draper’s (January Jones) Grace Kelly looks and ladies-who-lunch style to focus on her ice queen attitude for its Mad Men season five teaser trailer. HuffPost TV shared the exclusive clip, which is more of a best-of Betty’s bitchiest moments from past seasons. You get the Mommie Dearest moment with Sally, the disgust for Don, and all the other jaw-clenching, suburban malaise Betty does best. It’s a quick and fun clip that whets your appetite for more admen antics, but as the show segues into the early dawn of feminism, does the video make you wish for a different kind of characterization? Would you be ok with more mad mom for another go-round? Watch the video past the break, head to THR for another clip celebrating Joan Harris (née Holloway), and keep your peepers peeled for the other character shorts making their way online. Mad Men returns March 25.