Fan-Made Movies That Are Better Than the Originals


By now you’ve probably seen the fan-edited John Carter trailer that’s taken the Internet by storm. Most critics are calling it “better than the real trailer” and marveling at the thing as though it’s actually difficult to tell a story better than a huge Hollywood studio can. But apparently, it isn’t that hard — people on the Internet do it every day! After the jump, we’ll look at some of the best fan-made and fan-edited videos out there. If you like something we haven’t listed, be sure to mention it in the comments!

John Carter trailer (2012)

Unlike the two trailers already out, this video actually explains who John Carter is (the technically fictitious uncle of Edgar Rice Burroughs, which is a nice nod to the author who penned the series) and where he is (Mars) and what he is doing (kicking ass and taking names). Considering that Disney hasn’t been able to garner a whole lot of attention for the film, this is sure to do the job for them. Seriously, they should pay this guy.

The Phantom Edit (2000)

Most fans of the original Star Wars trilogy who were above the age of eight when Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was released were disappointed by the film’s constant exposition and annoying comic-relief characters. Filmmaker Mike J. Nichols decided to take matters into his own hands and released a re-edited version of the film, which circulated around Hollywood studios before it was leaked to the Internet and released on DVD. The edit, released under the username “Phantom Editor,” removed all mention of midi-chlorians, most of Jar-Jar Binks’ scenes, some of the rehashed political discussions, and every time Anakin says “yippee” or “oops.” The edit is so good that even Lucasfilm tacitly approves — but good luck finding it online nowadays.

Terminator 3: The Coming Storm (2008)

Fan editing has actually become an art form in its own right for editing buffs who hate what their favorite franchises have become. Many complained about the cheesy, nonsensical aspects of 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines when it was first released, but this brilliant fan edit by Uncanny Antman puts the film more in line with its predecessors. You can find more information about it at

Star Trek vs. Batman

What do you get when you combine the cheaply produced effects of the original ’60s Star Trek series with the ridiculously convoluted plot lines of the original ’60s Batman series? Well, you get… Star Trek vs. Batman. Though the two series are classics in their own right, despite their shoddy production values, there’s just something about the idea of Catwoman coming on to Captain Kirk that makes our inner (okay, outer, let’s be honest) geek shriek with delight.

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth (2010)

Remember the ’90s action movies Mortal Kombat, based on the popular video game series? Can you keep a straight face while thinking about it? Yeah, neither can we. There’s a reboot of the series in the works that brings a more realistic edge to the franchise — but this isn’t the trailer for it. This was produced on the fly by filmmaker Kevin Tancharoen, and critics were so wowed that Warner Brothers gave him license to direct a 2012 web series ( Mortal Kombat: Legacy ) and a 2013 film. It’s definitely a far cry from the cheesiness that is the original movies, for sure.

Green Lantern trailer

The Ryan Reynolds vehicle that Warner Brothers released last year was terrible — but this trailer cobbled together out of parts from other movies makes us way more excited for the emerald knight than we ever were before. The best thing about this? They’ve cast Castle and Firefly star Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, a character he played in the animated series. It’s already miles better than the real movie based solely on that.

Dead End (2003)

We love the Dark Knight, don’t get us wrong, but if you want a return to the vaguely campy film noir feel that the series used to have, don’t go back to Batman and Robin. Watch this short fan film by Sandy Collora instead, which Kevin Smith once called “possibly the truest, best Batman film.” Considering what happens in the video’s end, he might have been speaking a little facetiously, but trust us, this is definitely worth a viewing considering it’s all fan made, even the costumes on… some of the villains, let’s say.