A Very Exciting Star Map of New York City


It’s no surprise that Manhattan is swarming with celebrities, who make their lavish homes in neighborhoods like Soho and Tribeca and the Upper East Side. But never before have we seen so many of their dwellings mapped for the convenience of those who might want to seek out Tina Fey in the West 70s, brunch with Steve Buscemi in Park Slope, or ponder whether Glenn Close and Diana Ross — who are neighbors on Central Park West — ever hang out. Our greatest takeaway from Rentenna‘s map, which you can view in full here, is that Flavorpill HQ is located very, very close to the home of David Bowie and Iman. How rude of us not to have invited them over sooner! Seriously, guys, come borrow a cup of sugar from us anytime. [via Gothamist]